Device updates and why they’re frustrating…

Updated: Jan 4

Have you ever gotten that dreaded message, “An update is available for your device”? I seem to get one every few weeks. Sometimes you can ignore them, but eventually there comes a day when you might be forced into updating that device. Sometimes everything looks the same, and you carry on with your day. Other times, it can be like you got a brand new phone, and the learning process begins yet again.

It can be extremely difficult and frustrating to keep up with these updates, but the fact of the matter is, they are vital to keep using your device in the way it was intended. These updates will provide useful features to make every day tasks easier. Most importantly, keeping up with device updates keeps you secure and protected from new and advanced hacking/identity stealing systems (make sure to read our blog post on phishing)

I like to think of device updates as a road; roads need upkeep. The road is great to drive on when it’s freshly paved, but eventually potholes will form and road signs will fade. Even though road work is sometimes annoying, and you may have to take a detour, that service is vital to drivers trying to get somewhere. Device updates keep that phone in your hand “safe to drive on.”

The key to staying on top of these updates is having a good baseline of understanding on the foundation of these softwares. Being able to identify certain icons on your screen can make or break how you understand a new update. Key terms and menu items will be recognizable even when an update seems to be the strangest and most useless one yet. Ask your Trainer how you can be better prepared for the next time your device needs a pothole filled.

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