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Password Security: The Importance and How to Protect Yourself

“Incorrect Password,” a message we’ve all seen while trying to log into an online account, only we can’t quite remember what the password is. Then the cycle starts of changing the password and forgetting it, to only change it again. If this is you, you have actually taken a good step toward strong password security! A common mistake when creating a password is using the same one across all your accounts, which makes them vulnerable to being hacked! It is vital for you to keep your passwords different across all of your accounts. Using the same password across all accounts, once it’s been cracked, ALL of your accounts become vulnerable. Just as you use different keys to protect different places, use different passwords to protect different accounts. Thankfully, passwords can be a lot easier to change than a door lock.

But what does a good password look like? When creating a new password, you want a password that can be safe and secure from guesswork and hacking attempts. It may be tempting to use a long password, but when creating a password the quality is much more important than quantity. Hacking programs are capable of guessing passwords by combining random words and phrases together, as well as any information relevant to you. To combat this, avoid using any personal information such as dates, addresses or names.

It can be a pain to go through all your accounts to change your passwords to be safer. We at TechTrainer encourage you to take this challenge in small chunks, just change a few account passwords a day, and keep track of it in a password organizer. Ask your trainer about recommendations for an online password keeper, or get a hard copy! Click here to download one! This log allows you to have those complex hard to breach passwords without having to worry about seeing “Incorrect Password” again!

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